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Like other Episcopal churches, Saint Thaddeus offers liturgical worship. This means that our services follow a traditional pattern. Both new and old to the church follow along in the Book of Common Prayer during the service; there is no need to fear looking out of place.

Our structured common worship is not rigid. At St. Thaddeus, both the order of worship and the style of music vary. The 7:45 service uses a traditional style of worship, the Rite I order, and no music. At 9:00, we worship using a contemporary order of worship coupled with praise music.  As at 9:00, the 11:15 service uses a more contemporary order, but we sing more traditional hymns accompanied by organ.  During the summer, we combine the styles of our later two services in one 10:00 service.

In accomplishing the varied forms, a broad array of talents combine to make music and worship spiritually fulfilling at Saint Thaddeus. There are many opportunities to minister behind or in front of the scenes; some are listed below. Call or email the church office to learn how you can contribute your talents to support our liturgical worship.

Ministry Scheduler Pro

St. Thaddeus uses Ministry Scheduler Pro to manage lay support of our worship. Contact the church office for the next training.

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Don Dupee at the organ console

The St. Thaddeus Choir provides musical leadership for the 11:15 a.m. service. Under the direction of Don Dupee for over 30 years, the St. Thaddeus Choir is open to all persons high school age and up.

The Balcony Musicians lead contemporary music for the 9:00 a.m. service with a full band complete with vocalists, electric guitars, drums, and keyboard. Anyone interested in contemporary worship music is welcome.


Acolytes in the Episcopal church lead the procession and assist the clergy during the services. Roles include torch bearer, crucifer, and thurifer. This ministry is open baptized adults and children who have reached the third grade. 

Eucharistic Visitors

In the healing name of Jesus…

So begins the prayer to send forth Eucharistic visitors, which occurs near the end of our regular worship service. Eucharistic visitors are called by God and licensed by the Bishop to administer the Eucharist to those who, by reason of illness or infirmity, cannot attend church. If you know of someone who cannot attend the services at the church and would like to have the Eucharist brought to them, please call or email the church office. 


Ushers in a church play a crucial role in creating a welcoming and organized environment for worshippers. Their responsibilities include: 

  1. Greeting and Seating Assistance: Ushers often welcome people as they enter the church, offering a friendly face and assistance if needed. They also help attendees find suitable seats, especially during crowded services, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable. 
  2. Distributing Materials: Ushers may distribute church bulletins, programs, or any other materials relevant to the service. 
  3. Collecting Offerings: During the service, ushers pass around collection plates or baskets to gather financial contributions from the congregation. They also prepare an accounting of receipts for the financial secretary. 
  4. Assisting with Communion: Ushers may guide people during the communion process, ensuring an orderly flow. 
  5. Assisting with Special Needs: Ushers are attentive to the needs of elderly individuals or those with special requirements, offering assistance when needed. 
  6. Emergency Response: In case of emergencies, ushers may be trained to assist in evacuations or provide support until professional help arrives. 
  7. Maintaining Order: Ushers help maintain a peaceful and respectful atmosphere during the service, addressing any disruptions discreetly. 
  8. Closing Procedures: After the service, ushers assist in the cleanup of the church space. 

Their role goes beyond just guiding people; they contribute to the overall atmosphere of the worship experience by ensuring that logistical aspects run smoothly. 


The St. Thaddeus Wedding Guild consists of a group of dedicated volunteers who help make sure that weddings held at St. Thaddeus run smoothly and according to liturgical propriety.

Wedding Guild members commit to attending the wedding rehearsal, where, under the guidance of the Priest, they go through the ceremony and define the roles of the wedding party. On Saturday (or day of the wedding) it is the guild’s responsibility to make sure everything goes off as planned.

In addition, they are to open the church, lock the church, turn on and off lights, P.A. system, get the bulletins given out, place wedding guest book in a suitable place, interface with the photographer, make sure all flowers are placed and pinned (mostly done by florist,) serve as ushers during communion, ring the bell at the conclusion of the ceremony, and support the wedding party in any way they can.


Funerals and Memorial Services are held at St. Thaddeus for Episcopalians whose families wish to have services there.
For complete information regarding Customary Funeral Practices of the Episcopal Church and/or to fill out and keep on file your desires or those of a loved one for their funeral service, contact the church office at 803-648-5497.
Following a Funeral or Memorial Service, if the family desires, members of the Reception Committee will prepare a reception at the church.
If you would like to help with a reception by setting up or by contributing food, contact the church office, 803-648-5497.

Altar and Flower GUILDs

Members of the Altar Guild take care of the altar, vestments, vessels, and altar linens of the church. They also prepare the sanctuary before a service and clean up afterwards. Members of the Flower Guild arrange fresh flowers on the altar. On Monday, these flowers are delivered to the sick, shut-ins and other parishioners. 


Eucharistic ministers invite others during the service to affirm their faith in the presence of Christ through communion. They are lay persons licensed to administer the consecrated elements at a celebration of Holy Eucharist. They normally serve at the altar from 1 to 3 services per month. Lectors read the scripture and prayers during church services. Lectors serve an average of once a quarter. 


Like many churches, St. Thaddeus began streaming its services during the COVID pandemic. The church has continued to stream regular Sunday services, and upon request, funerals and weddings. On most Sundays, a team of two parishioners manage the audio and video for the later services.