St. Thaddeus Episcopal Church

ABout the Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church is one in a family of 42 autonomous but interdependent churches within the worldwide Anglican Communion, which collectively is the spiritual home to over eighty-five million Christians. Rooted in the traditions of the Church of England, the Episcopal Church has a rich history dating back to the American Revolution. In fact, the governing body of the Episcopal Church has a bicameral structure like the U.S. Congress and most state legislatures.

The Episcopal Church is known for its distinctive worship style, which on a typical Sunday incorporates both the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Table. Episcopalians believe in the authority of the Bible and the importance of the sacraments, particularly Holy Communion. Socially, our church emphasizes inclusion. To learn more about the Episcopal Church, you can visit both its official website and that of Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina.